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Why To Invest Into Gold

Gold is indisputably the widest commodity used as a store of value and thus it served for a long time as a global recognized mean of payment.

Physical features and rarity of that precious metal provided a stable position in an investment portfolio of investors around the world.

Gold, in form of jewels (55 % in the world) or ingots (32 %), guarantees investor security safe storing of money and their appreciation. 

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Next guarantee why to decide to use gold as an investment is fact that demand almost twice exceeds offer. While the average annual mining did not exceed 2 400 tons per last five years, gold demand had been around 3 900 tons annually. Higher gold demand guarantees a long term value, mainly in time of crisis when money value losing and stock investment is very unstable.

Zdroj: Bloomberg

Protection against inflation. During 20th century economics of whole world were struggling with several hyperinflations which led to currency depreciation and went to a loss of savings among people.

Invisible wealth / Big mobility. Just a small quantity of that metal fitting into a package of cigarettes, having a value of thousand crowns, may be taken with you everywhere.

Gold is not a product of manufacturing. Although the Middle Ages people tried to make gold with transmutation from other different metals, especially from mercury, they have never succeeded. Its rarity is secured by limited quantity in the world. There is a decline of unexcavated reserves of gold in last 15 years. Due to raising demand, it is assumed that the gold reserves will decrease on critical level in next 10 years.

Since the economic crisis global central banks are changing US dollars for gold as the dollar is losing on his value. Investment into financial portfolio or stock markets which are instable shows as very risky.

Money covered by gold exists more than 2 500 years. After abandoning the gold standard in 1971 money still lose their value.



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