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About Gold

Gold is a precious metal which people use since ancient times as the most widen form of wealth. Coins, jewelry and other type of gold were signalized stability and security. The gold, being a means of payment, constituted a base of national stable economy.

Thanks to its rarity, processing, unlimited durability and wide acceptability, is its use well extending at present. Still more and more people look at the gold as a durable store of unit, a protection against inflation and last but not least as an investment due to its rising price. On our website we are approaching a secret of that metal.

Unique Diamond Mine: All You Find, It Is Yours

30. 8. 2016

There is an only diamond mine in American state Arkansas which is open to the public.

Lesedi La Rona Insured for $120M

30. 6. 2016

Lesedi La Rona Insured for $120M

ALROSA Finds Largest Diamond in Zarnitsa's History

30. 5. 2016

ALROSA discovered a 207.29-carat rough diamond at its Zarnitsa mine in the Russian republic of Yakutia.