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Repurchase precious metals

We repurchase gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium in any quantity and quality!

TrustWorthy Investment CZ a.s. is a leading trader with precious metals, bullion coins and diamonds in Czech Republic. That company is registrated by assay office. We are able to manage a chemical purity analyses of repurchased precious metals.

Repurchased prices are adjusted by current precious metal prices from the stock market. Our client can choose between paying money or taking bullion ingot in amount of purchased metal.

Repurchased of precious metals:

- gold jewelry, could be damaged

- torn chains, uncompleted earrings, damaged pendants

- broken or damaged rings

- dental gold

- investment ingots from all producers

- gold coins and medals

- silver jewelry, could be damaged

- silver coins and medals

- technical silver (wires, small plates, powder, cups, …)

- silver cutlery, plates, tea sets,…

- powder boxes, cigarettes case, jewellery boxes

- pocket and wrist watches

- platinum jewelry, coins and medals

- platinum (technical, platinum products as wires, small plates, cups,…)


Current repurchase price of precious metals:


fineness price / gram*
24 carats 999/1000 910,378
18 carats 750/1000 654,334
14 carats 585/1000 510,380
9 carats 375/1000 327,167
8 carats 333/1000 290,524


fineness price / gram*
999/1000 10,824


fineness price / gram*
999,5/1000 602,144


fineness price / gram*
999,5/1000 471,720


fineness price / gram*
999/1000 460,032

* For our clients we offer the most favorable repurchase conditions when price is always calculated to the current SPOT price.


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