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Coins and Medals

Gold bullion coins are recently considered for one of the most popular and the surest investment. The coins are issued by state controlled mints and their fineness meets all state legislative standards.

The coins belong to our lives for a very long time. First gold coins, at that time in different finenesses, according to historians were minted by Egyptian pharaohs around years 2700 BC for ceremonial and commemorative purposes, as well as other gold coins and medals placed in another period and area. In 6th and 5th century BC in China were using primitive gold coins having fascinating symbol “Ying Yang” for exchange purpose.

First standard coin production came with the king Pheidon from Argos around 700 years BC but during a rule of the king Croesus, ruler of Lydie (560 – 546 BC), was realized first gold coins mintage in the same fineness and weight which were run as a mean of payment.

Since that time, the gold coins appeared in various forms as the primary means of payment which last until 20th century when most countries in 30th of 20th century abandoned of gold standard (as a result of global crisis) what meant stop minting of gold coins as a mean of payment.

In 70th of last century the coins came back as a legal currency, however they were not run into the system, but were systematically minted for investment, collection and numismatic purposes. Currently the gold bullion coins are probably the most popular investment for their nice design and long term value which stagnates or increases.

There are lots of different gold bullion coins at the market, but only eight of them are globally accepted as a mean of payment thus they belong among the most famous and well-liked, Maple Leaf (Canada), Kangaroo (Australia), Krugerrand (South Africa), Gold China Pana (China), Libertad (Mexico), Britannia (Great Britain), American Buffalo (USA) and of course Austrian Wiener Philharmoniker, that is the most sold bullion coin in the world.

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30. 8. 2016

There is an only diamond mine in American state Arkansas which is open to the public.

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30. 6. 2016

Lesedi La Rona Insured for $120M

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30. 5. 2016

ALROSA discovered a 207.29-carat rough diamond at its Zarnitsa mine in the Russian republic of Yakutia.