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Why invest in silver?

Silver and gold are the two most widespread investment metals that serve as stores of value and were for the longest time the only form of recognised currency in human history.

Investment silver is a safe way to save your money and protect it from inflation.

Due to the physical properties of silver, this metal is the second most widely used commodity in industry. It is used in the automotive and aerospace industries, pharmaceuticals, electrotechnics and the production of solar panels and mirrors; in modern history it is also used in nanotechnology. Use in industry accounts for up to 85% of global silver production, and only 15% goes to investment.

Silver, whether in the form of jewellery (mostly silver alloys) or investment bars or ingots (the purest form of silver), guarantees the investor a safe means of depositing money and its appreciation. The fact is that the price of silver is constantly rising: over the last ten years, the price of silver has risen from 5 US dollars per troy ounce to nearly 50 US dollars (early 2011) per troy ounce, i.e. ten times as much

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Another guarantee for your decision to invest in silver is the fact that demand for it is constantly increasing. Due to the ever-increasing use of silver, more and more of this commodity is being mined. But this is still not enough for consumption, and so the world’s silver reserves are declining. Higher demand for the commodity ensures that the price of silver will not only keep its present value but will continue to rise. This metal is irreplaceable.

The countries of the fastest growing economies, such as China and India, are constantly increasing their demand for silver. Since 2007, China has even become an importer of silver (previously it had exported it).


Hedge against inflation. During the 20th century, economies around the world were struggling with dozens of episodes of hyperinflation, which led to currency depreciation and a loss of all savings among the population. But gold and silver kept their value.

The price of silver is undervalued. Historically, the price of silver against gold was around 10:1, today it is about 50:1 (32:1650 US dollars per troy ounce)*. With silver becoming increasingly rare, however, the price will tend to return to its original value. Analysts predict that investing in silver will have 5 times as much appreciation as investment in gold!
* data from May 3, 2012

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