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Why invest in diamonds?

1. Diamond as the maximum concentration of wealth There is no comparable value in an equivalent volume. A diamond which fits in a matchbox is the equivalent, for example, of 60 kg of pure gold.

2. Diamonds boast a steady increase in price A continuous year-on-year price increase without the fluctuations you get with exchange rates or other commodities. The only two fluctuations in the last 100 years were between 1978 and 1981 and at the end of 2010.

Appreciation Averages and maximus in % Weight in carats
0,90-0,99 1,00-1,49 1,50-1,99 2,00-2,99 3,00-3,99 4,00-4,99 5,00-5,99
For 5 years Average 2010 - 2015 5,5 2,5 1,4 1,8 8,8 0,7 -0,5
Maximum 2010 - 2015 14 21 20 12 31 16 20
For 10 years Average 2005 - 2015 13,1 17,6 18,8 18,5 49,2 60,6 74,2
Maximum 2005 - 2015 38 33 42 41 93 102 119
For 20 years Average 1995 - 2015 32,1 37,1 51,9 67,3 92,2 119,1 119,4
Maximum 1995 - 2015 63 73 101 105 159 208 199
For 25 years Average 1990 - 2015 45,8 48,2 60,0 64,1 80,7 109,0 111,2
Maximum 1990 - 2015 72 82 107 119 141 198 198

3. Investment diamonds as the most stable investment of the last decade Over time, thanks to its conservative and steady growth, diamonds are evaluated together with gold as the most stable investment instrument. This has been particularly apparent in times of economic crisis. Interest in investment diamonds rose sharply after mid-2007 (linked to the mortgage crisis), lifting their price significantly until mid-2008. Since then, the price has been stable (but the dollar’s strength has been growing, which is reflected in the increase in fair value), with only a slight decline in market prices at the end of 2008. However, despite this, the overall increase for 2008 was positive.

4. Diamonds know no boundaries The value of diamonds is converted through USD and is the same all over the world. The most effective place of trade are diamond exchanges, of which there are almost thirty worldwide. High mobility, easy and unobtrusive transport. There are no embargoes on cut diamonds anywhere in the world.

5. Symbol of wealth and prosperity From time immemorial, gold and diamonds have formed part of treasures, crown jewels, and the heritage of important families. Today, for example, we cannot imagine the Queen of England without beautiful diamond jewellery.

6. Discrete wealth For example, if you own real estate, a car, a boat, or an aircraft, anyone can ask in the appropriate register to find out what property you own. If you are a collector of antiques, this will not escape the notice of the people around you. But nobody knows about your diamonds unless you want them to.

7 Diamond jewellery – a timeless gift. The beauty of the diamond is apparent at first glance. Diamonds are forever and tempt you with their glitter. They are not just a rational investment, they are a passion. Diamond as a gift always expresses the depth of relationship with the recipient of the gift. It is a gift that is not to be forgotten. Diamonds have been passed down from generation to generation, and this has been happening for centuries.

8. Diamonds establish a tradition Diamonds as an investment and an effective form of keeping property have been used for centuries. They have always combined beauty with high value. Currently, 7 percent of disposable funds of EU citizens are deposited in diamonds. Diamond jewellery and its passage from generation to generation expresses the cohesion of families over time.

9. Exceptional physical properties – diamond as an indestructible investment All of the above is only possible thanks to the exceptional physical properties of this mineral. It is the hardest material on our planet, resistant to all chemical compounds and high temperatures (up to 1,300 °C).

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