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Investment diamonds

Diamond is the most admired, oldest and hardest of all the minerals on Earth. The basic building block is the element carbon, a component of all known life on Earth, which has crystallised due to extreme temperatures and pressure to create this precious stone. Diamonds are found in a range of colours (from black to transparent) and sizes. On our website we will show you how these stones originated,

describe how they are mined and examine the largest deposits. We will also look into the history of diamond trading.

In addition to their weight in carats, the value of diamonds is determined by several other parameters such as clarity, colour or cut. Because buying diamonds is a long-term investment, we will introduce you to the specifics of the market in this precious commodity, which is not only a stable store of value, but thanks to its aesthetics, carries a charm that is often passed on in families for generations.

A wide range of investment and jewellery diamonds can be found in our e-shop.

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5. 5. 2020

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Unique Diamond Mine: All You Find, It Is Yours

30. 8. 2016

There is an only diamond mine in American state Arkansas which is open to the public.

Lesedi La Rona Insured for $120M

30. 6. 2016

Lesedi La Rona Insured for $120M