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Most famous investment coins

The most famous coins are naturally gold bullion coins. That bullion coins are well-know especially for their unlimited issue for a long time in still same form.

Of course, the most famous coins are gold investment coins (bullion). They have become popular in the public imagination mainly because they have been minted in unlimited numbers for long decades in almost unchanged form.

The price of investment coins is therefore dependent on the current gold price on the world market, i.e. it may fall. The decrease and increase in price is usually a question of several percent, maximally tens of percent. Therefore, neither profit nor loss is too significant for a small investor.

Investment coins cannot be bought at the price of gold, however. The cost of processing the gold and its distribution means the selling price of an investment coin is higher compared to the gold price. This surcharge depends on the size of the coins. When buying the smallest gold investment coins with a weight of 1/20 or 1/10 oz, it is necessary to take into account a price increase of about 20%. Lower increases can only be expected for investment coins with a weight of 1 oz.

In general, when buying these coins, it is good to buy them regularly in smaller quantities. This results in a better average purchase price.

On the other hand, when selling these coins, the buy-out price in banks and with traders is a percentage below the current gold price, and for smaller coins you get less than for bigger ones.

Buying investment coins has a curiosity value, or may represent a financial reserve resistant to the problems of the monetary system and, of course, also has the value of money that is and will always be valid worldwide.

The first investment coin – Krugerrand

The world’s first gold investment coin was the South African KRUGERRAND, which was first produced with a weight of 1 oz. In 1964, the intention was that this coin would be South Africa’s legal circulating means of payment. Therefore, it was preferable to use a more durable gold-copper alloy in such a ratio that losses from the circulation of coins would be as low as possible. But this coin has attracted tremendous interest in foreign collector circles, and so the coin has been used more to support the South African economy.

The first KRUGERRAND was minted on July 3, 1967 at the Rand Refinery mint in South Africa. The coin is minted from 917/1000 fine gold, the alloy is composed of 91.7 percent gold and 8.3 percent copper. This ratio gives the Krugerrand coin a special reddish colour. The Krugerrand 1 oz weighs 33.93 g (31.1 g pure gold and 2.83 g copper), has a diameter of 32.6 mm and a thickness of 2.84 mm.

The most famous coins of this kind are: Austrian Wiener Philharmoniker, Canadian Maple Leaf, Australian Kangaroo, American Eagle, Chinese Gold Panda, African Krugerrand and the UK’s Britannia.


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