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Switzerland, officially the Swiss Confederation, is a landlocked country situated in the centre of Europe. Switzerland lies between Lake Constance in the northeast, Lake Geneva in the west, the Upper and Alpine Rhine in the east and Rhine in the north, with Jura Mountains to the north and the Alps to the south. Switzerland borders Italy, France, Germany, Austria and Liechtenstein.

This confederation consists of 23 cantons, three of which are divided into half-cantons, and has a population of 8,039 million. Switzerland is a member of the Council of Europe, United Nations, EFTA, OECD and the WTO; it is part of the Schengen area, but joining the EU was rejected by the Swiss in a referendum.

Modern Switzerland was founded in the first half of the 19th century. Political, legislative as well as executive power at the level of municipalities, cantons and the confederation is wielded by citizens, to whom their parliaments, sometimes called councils, are similarly subordinate. The Federal Assembly is bicameral, and consists of the Council of States and the National Council. These chambers elect the supreme federal executive body, which is the seven-member Federal Council. The Federal Council is elected on the basis of the concordance principle, i.e. to include as many parties as possible in government. The President of the Confederation is elected for a one year period by the United Federal Assembly (the two chambers merge for the occasion) from the members of the Federal Council.

In the course of its development, Switzerland has changed from a predominantly agricultural state (cantons), to a state with developed industries of various kinds: watchmaking, precision and fine engineering, instrumentation, chemical industry, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, medical equipment and so on. Switzerland is also a frequent tourist destination. Tourism in the Alps has become an important area of economy following the development of transport links and thus better accessibility to the mountains, lakes, etc.

Emission plan of Swissmint

SWISSMINT (federal mint) is the official mint of the Swiss Confederation. It is located in the Swiss capital of Bern and is responsible for producing Swiss franc coins, both for circulation purposes and as investment options. In addition to minting coins for the government, the mint also produces medals and commemorative coins for private customers.

It is an agency of the Swiss Federal Government. It is part of the Federal Financial Administration. Since 1998, the federal mint has been operating as an independent entity under the name Swissmint.

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