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Corporate medals

Medals for clients with the possibility of personification and colouring

Our company offers the manufacture of corporate medals with motifs of your choice. These medals are especially suitable as gifts for various occasions, such as the birth of a child, a birthday, or the anniversary of the foundation of a village, etc. We offer corporate medals in gold and silver, in all available sizes, and with the possibility of personification and colouring.


size weight
27 mm 9 g
28 mm 13 g
30 mm 10 g
34 mm 16 g
34 mm 20 g
37 mm 31,1 g
40 mm 29 g
50 mm 42 g
50 mm 60 g
60 mm 93 g



size weight
11 mm 0,49 g
16 mm 3,11 g
20 mm 3,50 g
22 mm 7,77 g
28 mm 15,56 g
30 mm 15,5 g
34 mm 22 g
37 mm 31,1 g



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