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Tripper honestly handed in a precious gold coin from Roman Empire

17. 3. 2016

Israeli tourist found a very precious gold coin with a portrait of Emperor Augustus in east Galilee. The Emperor Augustus ruled from 27 years BC to 14 AC in Roma. The Coins comes from a series minted during government of Emperor Trajan. It is only a second found coin of this kind. 

Tripper found 2000 years old coin.

Trajan ruled from 117 AC and he let to mint the series shortly before the end of his government, according to Israeli media. He dedicated to a commemoration of his predecessors. 

“There are three symbols of Roman legions and Trajan´s name on the reverse side. There isn´t a Trajan´s head on the averse side how we could suppose but there is an Emperor´s Augustus portrait,” says numismatist Danny Syon working in Israeli preservation office.

“It might give an evidence of Roman army being in that area before 2000 years, probably with reference of activities of Bar Kochby followers in Galilee.

Three gold coins pay

Ariel also told historical sources showed that “some Roman soldiers got a high pay as three gold coins daily what is same like 75 silver coins”.

“Due to a high value, soldiers could not buy in the market because businessmen didn´t have enough change,” Ariel explains. 

Laurii Rimon from Kfar Blum kibbutz found that rare finding. She went with a group of other tourists to archeological area in Galilee and noticed the coin shining in grass. Then she realized that it is going about a very old coin. Group guide Irit Zuk-Kovacs contacted the preservation office to send out an expert at the place. 

“It´s not been easy to hand it in,” admitted Rimon. The Office will give her a thankful certificate because not everybody honestly announces finding of old artifact.

Source: novinky.cz

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