Nákupní košík je prázdný

Town Příbram celebrates its 800th anniversary with commemorative coin.

16. 3. 2016

Town Příbram celebrates its 800th anniversary with commemorative coin. They are planning to mint 500 coins to 800th anniversary culminating this June.

Numismatists from Příbram presented the best offer for mintage 500 coins. 150 coins will be from silver, other 350 coins from copper. The Silver coin are determined to appreciate some important citizens of Příbram, others will go to sale. Price is not known for now. 

“I guess we should make a wishlist for the silver coins due to a high interest. According to my information, 150 pieces will not be enough,” Jindřich Vařeka says, mayor of Příbram. The Silver coins were also chosen for their suitability within the town history.  In Václav Švenda´s opinion, deputy mayor, the town does not want prepare too big emission because they want the coins have collector´s value as well.

In year 2016 Příbram reminds eight hundred years since first written sign of its existence. During all year they plan exhibitions, concerts, sport matches or theatre performances. One of the main event will be in 10th – 12th June, jubilee 20th meeting of Czech mine cities and town, and 16th European day of miners and steelworkers, and also two days open air festival performing lots of Czech famous musical interpreters.

Source: pribram.cz

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