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The Biggest Collection of Medals with Charles IV. in the World: “I will never sell them,” swears Maria

5. 2. 2016

Maria Bašeová (72) is a pediatrician and also a keen collector of articles related with Charles IV. She is a proud owner of the biggest collection in the world comprising almost 800 medals, coins, stamps or graphics. Several times business men have offered high amounts to buy, but she had never sold them.

Mrs. Bašeová is a passionate collector of medals and other articles with Charles IV.  

Mrs. Bašeová is a pediatrician and also a keen collector. 

Recently Mrs. Bašeová has got one kilogram silver medal.

Mrs. Bašeová started to collect thirty years ago. “It began in Františkovy Lázně when I had to choose what I will go in for. Volleyball, senior doctor would kill me, I cannot play any musical instrument, so they told me, I had to make a numismatics,” Mrs. Maria told and added she even did not know what did it meat at all.  

Mrs. Maria started collecting 30 years ago. 

Mrs. Bašeová is a proud owner of the biggest world collection of graphics with Charles IV.

Mrs. Maria owns graphics of tens authors which depicted Charles IV. 

Mrs. Maria has only a part of her collection, the rest is in her son´s safe. 

The Medals are priceless. 

She involved all family to collecting and she soon extended the collection of medals for coins, stamps and various graphics. “The Collection is stunning because it is complete. As we know concerning Bohemia, Moravia, Silesia, Bavaria and France, Charles IV. did not have any other medals, we have all,” Bašeová said. According to her, the most important is so called Prague Jewish medal from the beginning of 17th century. 

Mrs. Maria owns graphics of tens authors who depicted Charles IV.

Mrs. Maria got a certificate of merit from Ministry of Culture. 

Family collection contains such unique objects as The Astrological medal from 1711, The Suit medal minted between years 1964 – 1698 or medals of all faculty of Charles University. “The most difficult was the faculty of medicine, fortunately I realized that a dean is my former colleague but I had to deserve it. All my medals, together 650, I had to lend to Carolinum at the exhibition 650 years of Charles University,” proud collector reminds.

Due to a priceless value, Mrs. Bašeová is still asked for sale by many business men. “The highest offer was from Japan but we do not sell, only change. One of our medal they paid really well, not by money but by antique coins which were finally quite invaluable, around hundred Czech crowns per one,” collector smiles. Mrs. Maria managed to change them for others she missed.

Thanks to 700the anniversary of Charles IV., the collections were invited on many significant celebrations. Medals and other objects will be showed in Charles University, National museum or Kremnica Mint.

Source: blesk.cz

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