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Ten Times Recidivist Gained Millions Thanks To Fake Gold Bars

4. 2. 2016

Almost 3,5 million CZK got a fraudster who offered to help one business man with debt collection. Ten times convicted man wheedled money out of him and gave him two gold bars as a warranty. In fact, they were from other metals. 

Alleged gold bars which were given to the business man as a warranty of 3,5 million CZK, did not contain any part of gold.

According to a current report, forty eight years old man from Prostějovsko offered a help the business man from Táborsko in year 2013 when collecting more than 12 million debt.

“In second half of 2013 and first half of following year he gradually wheedled 3,46 million CZK what should be a purchase price for debtor´s properties coming from Zlínský region,” reported Prostějov press agent Irena Urbánková.

The Fraudster gave to the business man two fake gold bars. When finally unsatisfied creditor contacted police, it has showed the bars did not contain any gold and are made from other metals.

“According to finding out the man acted from the beginning with aim of enrich himself because he had never contacted owner of the properties. Moreover it showed the debtor is nothing in common,” summarized Urbánková.

The Man now faces imprisonment of up to eight years.

Source: idnes.cz

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