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Record Diamond Auction. Blue Gem Sold For More Than One Billion CZK

13. 11. 2015

The Blue Moon, 12 carat blue diamond, was sold at Sotheby´s in Geneva on Wednesday, informs Reuters. The Diamond was found in January 2014 in South African mine Cullinan.

South African blue diamond from mine Cullinan

Precious diamond originally weighted 29,6 carats, after half year manufacturing in New York currently has 12,03 carats. Unknown buyer paid for it 48,26 million USD (1,21 billion CZK). The Stone was put at 35 – 55 million USD (881 million – 1,38 billion CZK).

Even after finding the diamond, experts estimated its high value.”The Stone is extraordinary brightly blue with exceptional intensity, shade and clarity. The likelihood is that it will have a huge price and value,” reported at that time the founder, Petra Diamonds, on server Diamond World.

Blue diamonds are the most precious just beside red ones. The Mine Cullinan is their main place of finding in the world. In 2013 same company found a 25,5 carat blue diamond and sold it for 16,9 million USD (425 million CZK).

Nearby Pretoria in 1905 was also mined the largest rough diamond of the world – Cullinan, with original weight 3106 carats. After manufacturing it was split into some smaller stones currently decorating English crown jewels. The Cullinan I. or The Star of Africa is put in a crown scepter and it is the second biggest polish diamond in the world.

For a record price was sold one of the biggest pink diamonds in the world set in a ring, at Christie´s in Genova on Wednesday. The Bidder paid for 16 carat stone 719 million CZK.

Source: idnes.cz

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