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Precious Coin Found In 500 Years Old Ship Wreck

22. 3. 2016

A Precious silver coin has been found by explorers in a ship wreck near to Oman coast. The Coin is only second known specimen of this kind.  It may be Esmeralda ship which was a part of Portuguese fleet of Vasco de Gama during his second voyage to India.  

Divers found a precious silver coin in a ship wreck.

According to the magazine International Journal of Nautical Archeology, the ship wreck was discovered in 1998 but exploring was going in cooperation with Oman ministry of culture and British company Blue Water Recoveries three years ago.

Analyze of ship wreck and found items is still in process, experts think that they had found Esmeralda ship wreck. Vasco de Gama´s uncle Vicente Sodre commanded Esmeralda and together with São Pedro ship, both were sunk in 1503 near to Arabian peninsula.

“Place where the ship wreck is located has almost perfect geographic match with the place where the ships should be sunk,” report says.

Precious silver coin found in a ship wreck.

On Tuesday explorers reported they found a silver coin called Indio. David L. Mearns, director of Blue Water Recoveries, said that previously it was known the existence of only one other specimen of this coin. The Coins were minted in 1499 after the first Vasco da Gama´s voyage to India what is the next step in ship wreck identification.

In addition, they also found gold coins minted in Lisbon from 1495 or a bronze bell which was probably made in 1498.

Source: novinky.cz

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