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New 20 EUR Banknote Resistant To Counterfeiting Already In Circulation

26. 11. 2015

New 20 EUR banknotes with better protection against to a counterfeiting were put into circulation by central banks of countries of euro zone and by European central bank in Frankfurt. The Banknote has a well marked color design. More perfect protection presents so called “window with portrait” in an upper part of a holographic stripe. 

New 20 EUR banknote has a better protection against to counterfeiting.

New 20 EUR banknote is the third banknote from Europa series which gradually replace original series implemented in year 2002. It was printed over 4,3 billion pieces, they will be gradually used in cash machines, banks and  shops. The Banknotes from the first series will be withdrawn from circulation gradually but theirs value will not lose. 

Comparison new (on the left) and old banknotes.

People may be acquainted with safety features on the website.

When the banknote is set on the light, the window is getting transparent and showing a portrait of mythological figure Europa who is visible from both sides of banknote. Also when incline the banknote, there are rainbow colored strips in the window around a face value. There is rainbow colored face value numbers in the window of a bottom side of the banknote.

Euro banknotes as a mean of payment shares around 338 million people of 19 countries of euro zone.

Source: novinky.cz

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