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Dřevohostice Shows Silver Coins from 1620 Found by Young Archeologist

4. 2. 2016

Tens of silver coins, German and Silesian minted, specifically thalers and pennies (tolar, krejcar) have lied in Dřevohostice in Přerovsko for hundreds of years. Who digged, forgot or hide them in a local forest, we will not probably know. Accidentally they were found by amateur archeologist. He dealt with a local mayor to show them in a town hall. 

Tens of silver coins found by young archeologist Martin Skříčka in Dřevohostice forest.

“There were almost thirty coins, not from pure silver. According to experts, they put less silver in later mintages,” presents archeologist Martin Skříčka. He found the coins when going for a walk in a forest. The Metal detector helped him.

“I run it across accidentally when I finished my usual discovery walk. Immediately after cleaning them, I have contacted experts as I had known how important they are. I have been looking for a treasure for six or seven years. This is the most valuable discovery, I have ever found,” Skříčka tells.

Jan Videman from Czech numismatic company confirmed that they are pennies and thalers dated around 1620:

“Treasure from Dřevohostice is surely important for regional history. It must be said that there are lots of discoveries from period of thirty years war and in a course of it.

They are preparing an exhibition devoted to the found treasure in Dřevohostice.

“It is a very special thing for us, we will place the coins in our town hall,” mayor Petr Dostál confirms.

Source: rozhlas.cz

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