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The Biggest Collection of Medals with Charles IV. in the World: “I will never sell them,” swears Maria

5. 2. 2016

Maria Bašeová (72) is a pediatrician and also a keen collector of articles related with Charles IV.

Ten Times Recidivist Gained Millions Thanks To Fake Gold Bars

4. 2. 2016

Almost 3,5 million CZK got a fraudster who offered to help one business man with debt collection.

Dřevohostice Shows Silver Coins from 1620 Found by Young Archeologist

4. 2. 2016

Tens of silver coins, German and Silesian minted, specifically thalers and pennies (tolar, krejcar) have lied in Dřevohostice in Přerovsko for hundreds of years.

GIA Opens Expanded Lab and Education Facility in Botswana

3. 2. 2016

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) opened an expanded laboratory and education facility…

Shmuel Schnitzer Elected Chairman of Israel Diamond Institute

3. 2. 2016

Former Israel Diamond Exchange president Shmuel Schnitzer has been elected chairman of the Israel Diamond Institute Group of Companies (IDI).

World's First Diamond-Backed Cryptocurrency to Launch Jan. 18

18. 1. 2016

The companies behind the world’s first diamond-backed cryptocurrency will start selling the digital coinage this month.

Chinese Yuan Ranks Among World Currencies

4. 12. 2015

IMF has decided to rank a Chinese Yuan among capital world currencies.

CEO Wants More Than $60 Million for Biggest Diamond in a Century

27. 11. 2015

How much does the head of the company that unearthed the second-biggest ever diamond want for the gem?

New 20 EUR Banknote Resistant To Counterfeiting Already In Circulation

26. 11. 2015

New 20 EUR banknotes with better protection against to a counterfeiting were put into circulation by central banks of countries of euro zone and by European central bank in Frankfurt.

Why Scientists Break Diamonds

25. 11. 2015

The Scientists from Melbourne University broke a precious eight carat diamond - in the name of science.

Swiss Discovered a Heap of Roman Coins When Disposing of Molehill

23. 11. 2015

Swiss farmer hit against the heap of Roman coins when disposing of a molehill in his cherry orchard.

Sotheby’s to Auction $4.6M Diamond Necklace in New York Next Month

23. 11. 2015

Sotheby's will auction a platinum and diamond necklace created for Queen Nazli of Egypt, estimated at $3.6 million to $4.6 million, in New York next month.

Americans Bought Up Tons of Gold In Last Quarter

18. 11. 2015

Americans are one-upping each other in buying golden bars or coins.

Record Diamond Auction. Blue Gem Sold For More Than One Billion CZK

13. 11. 2015

The Blue Moon, 12 carat blue diamond, was sold at Sotheby´s in Geneva on Wednesday, informs Reuters.

Namibia to Host International Diamond Conference Nov. 23

9. 11. 2015

Namibia will hold an International Diamond Conference in Windhoek to focus on challenges facing diamond beneficiation in southern Africa.

Christie’s expects $28 million for this pink diamond

9. 11. 2015

A 16.08-carat pink diamond, currently set in a ring, may soon become one of the10 most expensive precious rocks ever sold at auction, after it goes under Christie's hammer in Geneva on Nov. 10.

Rising Chinese gold reserves support internalization RMB

3. 11. 2015

From information from Chinese international mining conference 2015 follows that in the end of October this year Chinese gold reserves are 1708,5 tons…

China purchases gold again. Bad sign for stocks?

30. 10. 2015

Chinese army of small investors changed their stocks for the best “safe haven” – gold.

Open days

26. 10. 2015

Open days

Scholarships Now Available for GIA Programs and Classes

23. 10. 2015

GIA is now accepting applications for more than 200 scholarships for its Gemology and Jewelry Manufacturing Arts programs, courses and lab classes.

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