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About Us

Nowadays when consequences of economic crisis have not subsided yet, we strongly feel that events in the finance market have thanks to globalization, connection of global economics and bank systems, a direct impact on our work, money, properties and whole quality of life. More often we ask a question where to save our investments to avoid incessant changes on a stock market and crisis in the banking sectors but reach the biggest appreciation?


Whether we decide to invest our money and property by any way, our decision will influence our time and life directly. If we have a look at Time as one of the investment, then find out, that even way how we manage with it – if at work or in a private life – is directly related to quality of our entire life.


TrustWorthy Investment CZ a. s. is realizing a hidden value of that investment and thus offer their clients wide range of investment options into commodities which stay on their value despite current economic conditions. They also offer a Longterm learning programme what means a way to better time management, investment which everybody of us has got in the portfolio. This unique programme, the first of its kind in Czech Republic, connects information about stores of value and assessment of investments and an educational system which lead to improvement of ultimate quality of life.


We provide following:

Sell and Service when purchasing gold, silver, platinum, coins and medals

Custom production of medals and corporate medals

Sell and Service when purchasing investment diamonds and jewelry diamonds

Saving into precious metals

Gradual purchase of precious metals and investment diamonds

Repurchasing precious metals – gold, silver, platinum, palladium and rhodium in any quantity and any conditions! 



- TrustWorthy Academy – internal educational programme compiled by professional managers and lectors with long term experiences in business and management area not only in Czech Republic, but even in other foreign countries (USA, UK and countries of EU). Then our advisers are able to provide from the basic trading skills, over manager skills, up to qualification to lead a team and to become an inspiration for anybody.

- Total Quality of Life – thanks to our investment store of value portfolio and educational programme TrustWorthy Academy, we improve not only client’s assets but also pass on the know-how of wealth of present time. Our aim is to connect the material security with assurance of investments on one hand and the ability to take a control on your time, business and manager skills on the other hand to make the quality of our life better.


Unique Diamond Mine: All You Find, It Is Yours

30. 8. 2016

There is an only diamond mine in American state Arkansas which is open to the public.

Lesedi La Rona Insured for $120M

30. 6. 2016

Lesedi La Rona Insured for $120M

ALROSA Finds Largest Diamond in Zarnitsa's History

30. 5. 2016

ALROSA discovered a 207.29-carat rough diamond at its Zarnitsa mine in the Russian republic of Yakutia.